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Types of Bacterial Diseases

by M2A Solutions
Types of Bacterial Diseases

Types of Bacterial Diseases

We touched upon the conditions in dogs that invite bacterial infections in this post. Here we will be discussing the different types of common bacterial infections.

Skin infections: It’s a very sad sight to see your precious dog scratching themselves until they bleed and can’t sleep! Skin infections are a result of normal bacteria that have affected already damaged skin. Unfortunately, once it latches on and starts to grow, it can quickly spread all over your dog’s body. This is a very common infection. An oral medication as well as a topical solution may be prescribed from your vet to cure the infection.

Bacterial Ear Infections: Bacteria or an overgrowth of yeast can cause these awful infections. Ear drops that are prescribed from your vet is the treatment.

Bacterial Eye Infections: The wet, mucus membranes of your dog’s eyes is a welcoming atmosphere for bacteria. The common symptoms from this type of infection is reddened and/or swollen eyes, as well as discharge from the eyes. Eye drops from your vet will clear this right up.

Urinary Tract Infection: This may be a hard one to detect as dogs do not express their discomfort as humans would with the same infection. Try to keep track of how often they urinate. They will try to urinate More often and they will consume more water than normal.

Lyme Disease: Always check your dog for ticks. Even a normal, non-infected tick will irritate your dog and latch on to it to suck the blood. You must pinch off the head of the tick and not just the body. Lyme disease comes from the bite of an infected tick and will cause joint pain and overall body aches. Get immediate vet help as they will prescribe doxycycline for a cure.

Leptospirosis: This is another infection that comes from another animal. It is usually spread from the urine of an infected creature such as a rat. Symptoms include stiffness, abdominal and muscle pain, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, no appetite, severe weakness or depression. Antibiotics would be prescribed to cure this infection.

Pyometra: Older, unspayed female dogs are usually the victims of a pyometra infection. It infects their uterus. It may lead to having emergency surgery to remove the uterus. This is life threatening and should never be ignored.

We hope to spread awareness to all dog lovers. But we are not veterinary professionals. Information like this is to encourage every pet owner to stay on a routine of regular vet visits and at home health checks. Stay tuned for more informative articles (and fun ones too!).

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