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Preventing Bacterial Infections

by M2A Solutions
Preventing Bacterial Infections

Preventing Bacterial Infections

Our pups can be compared to human infants in the sense that they communicate in their own special way. We must pay special attention to the changes in behaviors and vocalizations. Unfortunately, our doggies will never speak our language so we must be diligent in recognizing the signs of illness and curing them of ailments.

We’re discussing bacterial infections this time. We are not veterinary professionals and this is only to inform you of some of the different infections that exist. Please take your dog on regular vet visits and any sign of illness should be addressed by a medical professional.

Bacteria can enter your dog’s system from a cut or scrape. Thus the bacterial infection may occur from these openings. The mucus membranes around the nose, mouth, and eyes are also inviting areas for bacteria. When the bacteria enters the bloodstream from these venues, that is when an infection may bloom.

In order to prevent these types of infections, take a look at this list to see if your dog may suffer from a scenario:

Weak Immune System/ Illnesses: Your dog’s natural immune system should be able to fight off common infections, but a weakened immune system cannot fight off the bacteria as effectively. If she is already sick or has a disease, she will be more susceptible to being infected by bacteria.

Allergies: If your pup has allergies then skin irritation is present. The act of scratching injures the protective layer of skin. That allows the bacteria an entryway to create a skin infection.

Poor Diet: We all need the sufficient nutrients and energy to bolster our immune system. The same is for our dogs. If they do not have the energy to fight off the bacteria, they will succumb to it. High quality foods or raw diets (depending on your breed) will greatly decrease the occurrences of bacterial infections.

Lack of Exercise: The energy and immune boosting properties of exercise is obvious. However, we often forget that it’s not just the exercise they need but the result of keeping a healthy weight. A lethargic lifestyle is going to slow everything down and make your dog vulnerable to a weaker immune system which can lead to infections. Also, something to consider is, as cute as it may look, the fat rolls on your dog is a perfect, moist breeding ground for bacteria.

Stress: How crazy is it that our dogs need an environment like us to thrive?! Stress is a silent enemy. We feel it in ourselves and our bodies react accordingly to stress. Our dogs are the same and any undesirable environment will open up the possibility of not only infections, but other diseases.

As you can see, all these points lead to providing your dog a healthy, active lifestyle with proper nutrition. Any tests to find and counteract allergens are recommended as well as regular vet visits to make sure they have not contracted any other illnesses. Prevention is always better than treatment!





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